Anmitsu (あんみつ)

Anmitsu is a kind of Japanese confectionery, which is mitsumame dessert (boiled beans, cubes of agar gelatin, and other delicacies with molasses poured on) covered with bean jam.

It consists of cubes of agar gelatin topped with boiled and chilled red peas, azuki bean jam, gyuhi (a kind of rice cake made from glutinous rice or glutinous rice flour), and dried apricot. It is eaten with syrup (molasses or dark molasses) poured over it.

Regardless of four seasons, it is sold and served, but is well-known as a summer feature.
Both anmitsu and mitsumame are categorized into summer kigo (season words)

Sumo anmitsu (anmitsu served in grand sumo tournaments), is also well-known as a souvenir when watching the grand sumo tournament.

Anmitsu sold at Kyoto, Kamakura, Asakusa, and Ueno are famous.

Anmitsu has many variations just like mitsumame.

Cream anmitsu: anmitsu with whipped fresh cream or soft serve ice cream. Shiratama anmitsu: anmitsu topped with rice-flour dumplings.
Shiratama cream anmitsu
Fruit anmitsu: anmitsu topped with chopped fruits (such as kiwi fruit, cherry, pineapple, and mandarin orange).

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