Antique Kimono (アンティーク着物)

Antique Kimono refers to Kimono made before the beginning of the Showa period and particularly in good condition.

Kimono with floral and geometric patterns which is called 'Taisho Roman' or 'Showa Modern' or kimono with Art Deco-conscious design have been reassessed due to the recent boom of retro fashion. Antique Kiomono were made when Japanese people wore kimono everyday, so most of them were well sewed, dyed, and devised for putting on easily.

Ordinary or poor quality kimono are available in places like antique markets at lower prices, but good conditioned or higher quality kimono are sold in shops specializing in kimono at the prices of several hundred thousand to several million yen. However, antique kimono is much lower prices than a new kimono made by using the same technique.

Nihon mukashi kimono museum' (Japanese Antique Kimono Museum) is one of the museums which exhibit antique kimono.

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