Arai (slices of fish washed in cold water) (洗い)

"Arai" is a kind of "sashimi," fresh slices of raw fish. First slice raw fish or make "itozukuri" (cut into strips) or "hanezukuri," and wash the pieces in cold water (ice water) to shrink and tighten them to make "arai." The process not only gives crispy texture but also washes away extra fat of fish. The dish is preferably served during summer.

In order to keep its unique flavor as well as to create the cool atmosphere, it is usually served in a bowl which is made of ice.

It is served with vinegared miso or seasoned soy sauce (either with Japanese apricot or with wasabi).

Fresh white fish such as carp, crab and perch are used. When making arai of carp in particular, a live carp is knocked unconscious and cooked.

First dip the carp slices in warm water of around 50 degrees centigrade for one minute, and dip them in cold water because the flesh of a carp is hard.

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