Asazuke (quick pickles) (浅漬け)

Asazuke is a pickled dish made by marinating vegetables such as cucumbers, daikon radishes and eggplants with seasoning for a short time. It is also known as sokuseki-zuke (instant pickles), ichiya-zuke (overnight pickles) and oshinko. Also, a recipe for removing vegetables in vinegar or rice bran in a short time may be called asazuke (in this case, the opposite is 'furuzuke' (long-term pickle)).

A recipe of making asazuke is just to mix cut or sliced vegetables and salt and put them in a plastic bag with Konbu (kelp), red peppers, and so on, so asazuke is often made at home due to its easy preparation. Seasoning which only to be sprinkled over vegetables is on sale at supermarkets. Asazuke is a very popular processed food and the Food Marketing Research and Information Center says that asazuke ranked second in production of tsukemono (Japanese pickled vegetables) following first-ranked kimchi (Korean pickle) in 2006.

Asazuke Kimchi

Kimchi is produced using a fermentation process, but can be made in a method similar to the asazuke recipe of blending hakusai (Napa cabbage) and seasoning. It is called Japanese style kimchi and is popular in Japan due to being less sour and having a lighter taste when compared to fermentation-based kimchi.
It is easy and quick to make home-made asazuke kimchi using seasoning on the market (it takes at least 45 days to make the fermentation-based kimchi.)
However, it doesn't effect on our health by lactobacillus. The use-by date is less than fermentation-based kimchi.

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