Atsusa Samusa mo Higan made (Neither heat nor cold lasts beyond higan (two periods of seven days wit (暑さ寒さも彼岸まで)

"Atsusa Samusa mo Higan made" is a Japanese idiom that means 'The cold of winter lasts until the spring equinox, and the heat of summer calms by the autumnal equinox, and will become easier to bear."

In fact, according to the observatory data by the Meteorological Agency, it is possible to deduce that what this idiom implies is, by and large, to the point. Although there are differences between North Japan and South Japan as well as year to year, there may be snowfall, snow accumulation, and icy roads until the spring equinox; until the autumnal equinox, there may be days which the temperature rises above 30℃, days when the temperature climbs to 25℃, and nights that the temperature does not fall below 25℃.

The temperature during the spring equinox is by and large the temperature of the late November to the early December; and the temperature during the autumnal equinox is almost the same as that of June, and each of these temperatures equals to the average temperatures of the transition periods of autumn to winter, and spring to summer.

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