Awa Wasanbonto (Japanese traditional refined sugar) (阿波和三盆糖)

Awa Wasanbonto is traditionally made Japanese refined sugar particularly produced in Tokushima Prefecture.


The name "Awa Wasanbonto" comes from the fact that Wasanbon sugar (Japanese traditional refined sugar) is produced in the Awa Province, present-day Tokushima Prefecture. It is mainly produced on the south side of the Sanuki Mountain Range (Kamiita-cho, Itano-gun, Tokushima Prefecture). At present, Awa Wasanbonto is cultivated and manufactured only in such regions as Itano-cho and Dosei-cho, Awa City. More than 200 years have passed since sugar cane was introduced into these regions.


It originated from the fact that a villager named Tokuya MARUYAMA went to the Hyuga Province (present-day Miyazaki Prefecture) and returned having mastered the way to cultivate sugar cane seedling. Formerly, sugar was widely produced by ordinary farmers; however, at present, only Okada Seitojo (sugar refinery) (Izumiya, Kamiita-cho, Itaya-gun, Tokushima Prefecture) preserves the traditional way of hand-made sugar.

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