Bachi ()

Bachi (撥) is a stick-shaped tool used to pluck (hook and release, or hammer) the string (stringed instruments) or the film.
It is also spelled '桴' or '枹.'

The Japanese word 'bachi' is used for both musical instruments that you hook and release and musical instruments that you beat.

The following items also describe tools for related musical instruments.

To hook and release the strings
Bachi (plectrum)

Bachi (plectrum) is used to play shamisen (a three-stringed Japanese banjo) or biwa (Japanese lute) (plucked string instruments). Bachi of shamisen is said to have its genesis in bachi of biwa. Both are characterized by their shape like gingko leaves. They are made of wood, buffalo horns, ivory, plastic, tortoise shells, etc. Bachi of shamisen are subdivided by their shapes and sizes according to different categories.
Tsume (finger pick)

Players of sanshin (Okinawan traditional three-stringed instrument) and so (a long Japanese zither with thirteen strings) put tsume on their fingertips to play the musical instruments.

Giko (tool put on the fingertip to pluck the strings)
Giko is used to play taishogoto (Japanese harp with three to five strings). It is also called a pick.

Picks are used to play guitar. Picks of one type have small plate-like shape and are held between fingers, and the other types of picks are put on the fingertips.

There are inside the cembalo.

To hammer the strings
Bachi, hammer, mezrab (wooden hammers)
These are used to beat the strings when playing stringed instruments, hammering on its strings such as yokin (Mideastern typical folk instrument, stringed instruments of zither family), dulcimers, and santurs.

They are inside the piano. The surface is made of felt.

To beat membrane etc.
Bachi (桴, 枹, 撥)
Bachi are used to play percussion instruments such as Wadaiko drums (membranophone) or dora (gongs) (idiophone). Typically, they are round sticks that have a certain level of thickness, which are the same, but for some musical instruments, sticks with thick orbs on their tips or those in the shape of a hammer are used. They are made of wood.

Drum stick
Drum sticks are used to play snare drums and drum sets. Drum sticks whose tips are tapered with a ball of round shape or in the shape of acorns are often used.

Beaters are used to play bass drums, dora, and triangles. For bass drums and dora, sticks with round felt on the tip are normally used. For triangles, thin metal sticks are used.

Mallet (mallet percussion instruments)
Mallets are used to play mallet percussion instruments and tympani. They are sticks with round tip.

Hammers are used to play tubular bells. Hammers are mallets whose heads are made of wood or resin.

Shumoku (wooden bell hammer)
Shumoku is used to play bonsho (large temple bells).

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