Bakefurugeta (化け古下駄)

Bakefurugeta or Baketafurugeta is one of Japanese specters, and a type of Tsukumo-gami (gods to a variety of things) that have come to life after geta (Japanese footwear, wooden clogs) became old.


In "Tohoku Kaidan no Tabi" (Trip to the scary stories in Tohoku Region), a book written by Norio YAMADA, there is a Kaidan (Ghost Stories) titled 'Furumino Furugasa Furugeta' (An old straw coat, an old umbrella and an old geta) as described below.

It happened in Miyagi Prefecture. There was a man who walked all over the town at night saying "My nose is hurting." One day, young men went out to town at night to find out who the man was. However, only his voice was heard, and there was no sight of the man.

One of the young men followed the voice in trying to reveal its identity. He heard murmur from a thicket nearby, and as he went closer, he heard the voices of singing and dancing which did not belong to human beings; the voices were calling themselves as 'geta' 'wara' 'taiko' 'warigo' and so on. The young man became frightened and ran back home.

The next day, the young man told what had happened to his group and as they went to the thicket, mino (straw raincoat), taiko, and warigo which have been washed ashore from the sea were scattered about, and among them, there was a geta without a strap. On suspecting this geta to be the one with a hurting nose, the young men burned the geta and others on the spot. Voices saying 'my skin's burning, my skin's burning' could be heard from the fire.

Since then, the man with the hurting nose had not appeared, and voices of singing and dancing had not been heard from the thicket.

Further, a ghost of footwear appeared from "Kikimimi Soshi" (The attentive ear copybook), a book written by Kiyoshi SASAKI, and it is surmised that this footwear is a geta, but it is unknown whether if it is identical with Bakefurugeta.

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