Culture Day (文化の日)

Culture Day (Bunka no hi) is a Japanese national holiday held annually every November 3.
The Law concerning National Holidays (referred to as the National Holidays Law) stipulates Culture Day for the purpose of 'promoting culture and love of freedom and peace.'

On November 3, 1946, the Constitution of Japan was proclaimed. In view of the spirit of the Constitution of Japan which places a great deal of importance on peace and culture, this very day was decided as Culture Day under the National Holidays Law (proclaimed and enforced in 1948). The Constitution of Japan was enforced on May 3 (now, Constitution Memorial Day), 1947, six months after the proclamation.

On November 3, the Order of Cultural Merits Award Presentation Ceremony is held in the Imperial Palace. The National Arts Festival (the Agency for Cultural Affairs) takes place annually around November 3 under the auspices of the Agency for Cultural Affairs.

In the pre-World War II days, before Culture Day was enacted, November 3 was observed as a holiday called Meiji-setsu (Meiji festival: it was called Tencho-setsu - Emperor's birthday festival) in the Meiji period) in commemoration of the birthday of Emperor Meiji. Although Culture Day is observed on the same day, Culture Day is unrelated to the birthday of Emperor Meiji. According to the parliamentary statements of those days and alteration of the schedule for establishing the Constitution, it seems that the proclaiming day of the Constitution of Japan was adjusted to fall on Meiji-setsu.

November 3 is also well-known as a peculiar day of fair weather, its high probability of having clear skies.

Some museums open free, and the others have various special events on November 3.

Other anniversaries on November 3
Manga no hi (Comic day or the day of comics)The Japan Cartoonists Association together with five publishing companies set up Comic day for the purpose of making comics recognized as a culture.

Record dayThe Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) fixed this day to publicize that albums are cultural assets.

Stationery dayTokyo Metropolitan Association of Stationery Business (TOBUNSHO) and other organizations created this day to advertise that stationery represents historical culture.

Kansai Culture Day

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