Daiko-daki (burning Japanese radish) (大根焚き)

Daiko-daki is an annual event held in December in Kyoto. When a person eats daikon cooked in the Daiko-daki festival, it is believed to prevent paralysis.

It is held in many temples during a certain short period of time, but there are no relationships among the festivals in the temples and their own significance is given to the event at each temple.

November 22 and 23: Daikon-kuyo (Daikon Memorial Festival) at Sagano Kakushoin Temple.

The first Sunday of December: Nichiren kinichi hoon hoyo (monthly memorial service for Nichiren) at Udano Sanpo-ji Temple.

December 7 and 8: Jodo-e (Celebration of Shakyamuni Buddha's enlightenment) at Daihoon-ji Temple.

December 9 and 10: Hoon-Ko (Day of Gratitude) at Ryotoku-ji Temple, Narutaki (Ukyo-ku Ward, Kyoto City).

Also, it is held in Hoju-ji Temple (Kyoto City), Higashiyama (Kyoto Prefecture) and Sanzenin Temple in Ohara.

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