Dairibina (festival dolls representing the emperor and the empress) (内裏雛)

Dairibina is a pair of Girl's Festival dolls representing the emperor and the empress, and is placed on the top tier of a display. Until the end of the Edo period, people did not have tiered displays, which are widely seen in the present day, and the standard style was to display only dairibina, a pair of male and female dolls. Deluxe tiered displays have been popularized as the economy has grown.
As for the literal aspect of this term, it comes from that people call the emperor's house 'Dairi (the Imperial palace).html">dairi.'

When people make kawaribina (Girl's Festival dolls of unusual appearance), dairibina dolls are often modeled after one male and one female who are selected among people in the news reflecting the current or previous year's trend.

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