Daitokuji natto (大徳寺納豆)

Daitokuji natto is natto (fermented soybeans) made in Daitokujimonmae, Murasakino, Kita Ward, Kyoto City. It is a kind of natto shiokara natto (tera natto).


It's different from sticky types of natto such as 'hikiwari natto' (crushed natto). It's a kind of 'shiokara natto' (soybeans fermented with komekoji (mold grown on rice) and salt).

The manufacturing method used is to ferment koji mold and mature it once it has dried. It is believed that when it was first introduced into Japan from China, it was called 'shi' and used as a seasoning.

Since the Muromachi period, it has been called 'Kuki' in order to differentiate it from hikiwari natto. It has also been called 'tera natto' (temple natto) because it was introduced by monks who went over to China. According to Daitoku-ji Temple, it is said to have been introduced by Sojun IKKYU. Other shiokara natto include 'Tenryuji natto (natto made in Tenryu-ji Temple), 'Ikkyuji natto' (natto made in Ikkyu-ji Temple) and 'Hama-natto' (natto made in Hamamatsu City).

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