Dangiku jiji・Kikukichi jiji (團菊爺・菊吉爺)

Dangiku jiji and Kikukichi jiji are slang or jargon used among Kabuki fans.

They are the terms by which younger generations teasingly refer to old people (or what old people call themselves with ridicule), who, based on the belief that Danjuro ICHIKAWA (9th) and Kikugoro ONOE (the fifth) in the Meiji Period or Kikugoro ONOE (the sixth) and Kichiemon NAKAMURA (1st) before World War Ⅱ were the best actors, criticizing actors and their performance thinking no present actors can approach them in performance. In many cases, those old people tend to be seen with jealousy and envy by generations who could not see those great actors in person because they insist 'their performance was the real Kabuki (but they are dead and it is impossible now to see 'the real Kabuki'), based on the secret sense of superiority that they were able to see the past great actors' performance in person but the younger generations cannot.

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