Dashi-maki Tamago (だし巻き卵)

Dashi-maki Tamago is a kind of an omelet (a Japanese style omelet) and a dish of fried beaten eggs mixed with dashi broth soup. It is sometimes simply called Dashi-maki.

How to make Dashi-maki Tamago: Mix egg yolk and white (beat egg yolk lightly with egg white), add dashi broth soup, and fry in an oily pan. For frying, a box-shaped copper pan called 'makiyakinabe' is often used. The makiyakinabe used in the Kanto region is slightly wider in width and shorter in length than that in the Kansai region. Other types of pans are also available, such as a fluororesin-coated pan with a corrugated bottom that enables you to roll up the egg more easily.

Atsuyaki Tamago (a thick omelet) and Dashi-maki Tamago are made almost in the same way. Differences from Dashi-maki Tamago are not always clear, however, Atsuyaki Tamago is sweeter adding sugar than Dashi-maki Tamago only adding mirin (sweet cooking rice wine).

Atsuyaki Tamago is more preferred in the Kanto region and Dashi-maki Tamago in the Kansai region.

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