Dezomeshiki (the New Years parade of fire brigades) (出初め式)

Dezomeshiki is a fire fighting training undertaken by fire department and fire company personnel, which is generally conducted in the early part of January as the first training for the year. Organizer of the dezomeshiki varies from region to region, according to municipalities or each municipal association for firefighting (a type of municipal association for a specific service which is formed based on the Local Autonomy Law).

It is also called Shobo-dezomeshiki (shobo: firefighting), as dezomeshiki is participated by mainly people related to firefighting.

Major programs include: water-discharge exercise, parade of fire companies and fire engines, recognition of deserving people selected from fire departments and fire companies, and various others depending on the region.

It is said that the dezomeshiki held at Ueno Toshogu Shrine on January 4, 1659 in the Edo period was the first in its history.

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