Enkin-kyosha (遠近競射)

Enkin-kyosha is a method for deciding the ranking of an individual competition in Japanese archery, based on how close an arrow is shot to the center of the target.

When deciding the ranking in the final, the method called izume (a method where all competitors shoot an arrow each in a round, eliminating those who missed the target) is taken. However, enkin-kyosha is used in the case of a tie break for those who missed the target (a tie break to decide the champion is carreid out using izume). Each competitor shoots an arrow at the same target in turn, and the one who hits an arrow closer to the center of the target will be ranked higher. In this case, the competitor who shot the hakiya (an arrow which slides on the ground without reaching the target) will become the lowest rank. Even if not hitting the target, still, the arrow which is closer to the target becomes higher rank.

Generally, kasumi-mato (a round target with three thick black concentric circles drawn on it) of 36cm in diameter is used, but 'sen-mato' (a round target with a number of thin black concentric circles drawn on it) is used in the games organized by Student Kyudo Association.

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