Enteki (the long-distance shooting) (遠的)

Enteki (the long-distance shooting) is one of the kyudo (Japanese art of archery) events established by the Rules of All Nippon Kyudo Federation. The shooting range is 90m, 70m, 60m or 50m, but currently a range of 60m is most widely used and the majority of kyudo dojo (training hall) for enteki is designed at the range of 60m. There are two methods of game, tekichu-sei (the accuracy system) and tokuten-sei (the point system).

Many players use slim arrows designed exclusively for enteki, in order to deal with a long distance.

In today's National Sports Festival, there are two types of kyudo games, tekichu-sei kinteki (the regular close-ranged shooting) and tokuten-sei enteki (60m).

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