Fujita school (藤田流)

The Fujita school is one of the schools of fue-kata (flute players) in Nohgaku (the art of Noh).

Seibei FUJITA, a follower of Tansai SHIMOKAWA, established this school; Tansai was a nephew of Yorimoto MABUCHI, who was a follower of a flute master Hikobei FUE (also known as Hikobei HIGAIMOTO). It is said that performers of this school were originally te-sarugaku (amateur Noh) performers who served at the Imperial Court, and then they served at the Owari Domain, where they had been active during the Edo period. This is why they are still based on Nagoya at present.

Their music scores and their timing that they start musical accompaniment are different from those of other schools, and main features of their performance style are strong blows on flutes and showy grace notes like trills. Four performers from this school are registered with the Nohgaku Performers' Association, and all the performers including the current head Rokurobyoe FUJITA the 11th live in Nagoya.

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