Fumai-ryu School (a school of tea ceremony established by Fumai MATSUDAIRA) (不昧流)

Fumai-ryu school is one of tea ceremony schools which was founded by Fumai MATSUDAIRA and was handed down within the Matsue Domain. It was originally known as Unshu-ryu school, but, is called Fumai-ryu school or Fumai-ha group of Sekishu-ryu school in the present-day organization of the transmission.

Harusato MATSUDAIRA was the seventh lord of Matsue Domain, and called himself Fumai. Fumai who devoted himself to the tea ceremony at the Edo residence before becoming a lord of the domain learned the Ikei-ha group of Sekishu-ryu school from the third Kotaku ISA, and also learned from Issho ARAI of Ichio-ryu school. After being certified as full proficiency of Ikei-ha group of Sekishu-ryu school in 1771, he attained his own style of tea ceremony using examples from various schools, and issued an order to revise chaji (tea ceremony) in 1802. He considered that it was just a private thing, and said that 'my style should not have been established' ("Chaso" [a tea book written by Fumai MATSUDAIRA]) when he was young. However, his vassals handed down this tea style of Fumai to subsequent generations as Fumaiko goryugi (a style of the Lord Fumai).

Kazumichi ARISAWA who was a chief retainer of Matsue Domain and was much trusted by Fumai often gave and received correspondences about tea ceremony. After teaching the Japanese tea ceremony to Kazumichi ARISAWA's heir, Kazuyoshi ARISAWA, Fumai ordered to establish Meimeian tea hut in the Arisawa's main residence and later Kandenan tea hut in his villa. Since then, the Arisawa family handed down Fumaiko goryugi from generation to generation, and maintained Kandenan tea hut. The Arisawa family called it Fumai-ryu school.

On the other hand, Choko FUJII (also known as Soyo) spread Fumaiko goryugi among feudal retainer of the domain, as sado (a person in charge of the tea ceremony) in the Matsue Domain. From disciples of the second Choko FUJII (also known as Soko), Zenchi AJIKI (安喰善知) and Kyuho TAMEISHI (為石九方) served as sado. A disciple of Zenchi AJIKI, Naoyoshi MATSUDAIRA, who was a son of Naotoshi MATSUDAIRA of the 10th lord of the Mori Domain, a branch domain of Matsue Domain, and received the rank of viscount, spread Unshu-ryu school in the Kanto region by giving instructions on tea ceremony at the Gakushuin School Corporation and to the Imperial family. This genealogy is currently called as Fumai-ha group of Sekishu-ryu school. The genealogy of Kyuho TAMEISHI was handed down to the public in Matsue, and is called Fumai-ryu school Daien-kai.

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