Furosaki Byobu (folding screen) (風炉先屏風)

Furosaki Byobu, one of the tea ceremony equipment, is a folding screen of two panels, which is placed in the corner at the upper end of the tea-making tatami mat when the tea ceremony procedure is done in a room of more than 4.5 tatami mat size. In a way, this screen improves the appearance of the tea ceremony equipment. Simply, it is also called Furosaki. Basically, the screen is 72.72 cm in hight, 92.4 cm in width (one side), 17mm in thickness, upholstered with white torinoko paper (stout smooth paper), with lacquered black edge; this type of screen is called the Rikyu style. Actually, Furosaki Byobu is of great variety. The width of this screen is usually made to fit the Kyoma tatami mat size (95.5 x 191 x 5.5 cm); it is also made to fit the Chukyoma tatami mat size (91 x 182 x 5.5 cm) or the Edoma (88 x 176 x 5.5-6 cm) tatami mat size.

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