Gion odori (Gion Dance) (祇園をどり)

Gion odori: Gion odori is performed from November 1 to 10 annually in the Gion Kaikan Theater. Gion odori is the only Hanamachi (geisha districts in Kyoto) performance performed during the fall.

Gion odori has been performed in November annually since then. Early on, gion odori was performed by 70 geishas; the performance, however, has suffered from the declining number of geisha that currently number only 23 (as of 2004).


1952: The first gion odori was performed.

From 1955 to 1957: there were no performances.

1958: Gion odori was resumed.

1989: The performance was canceled due to the death of Emperor Hirohito.

1994: A memorial performance took place for the 1200-year anniversary of the Heian capital foundation.

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