Giondofu (祇園豆腐)

Giondofu refers to a Dengakudofu (tofu, bean curd skewered, roasted over charcoal, and coated with miso) dish, sold by two chaya (tea houses) in front of Yasaka-jinja Shrine (Gion-jinja Shrine) in Kyoto in the Edo Period.

There were two chaya in front of the tower gate of the Gion-jinja Shrine: the one to the east was called Nakamuraya, while the one to the west was called Fujiya. They were rebuilt at public expense on the occasion of building the main building of the shrine, and were called 'Nikenchaya' (two tea houses).
The tofu dish sold by these chaya became popular and was named 'Giondofu.'
Many shops displayed a sign of Giondofu in various regions. There was a famous Giondofu shop in Yushima in Edo during the Meiwa era.

It is made by slicing tofu thinly and flatly, roasting the both sides a little over the fire with two skewers put, cooking with miso (bean paste) sauce, and sprinkling fuko (powder of wheat-gluten bread) on the surface.

It is sometimes flavored with hanayu (a kind of yuzu, citrus junos).

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