Go Tein Yuigo (御手印遺告)

Go Tein Yuigo was written by the Emperor Gouda in 1321, and it consists of 21 articles of yuikai or ikai (teachings to posterity) wishing the long prosperity of Daikaku-ji Temple and Shingon Esoteric Buddhism including the details of the erection of Daikaku-ji Temple. One volume. Full text: 6500 characters or more. On the manuscript, the Emperor Gouda marked eight gotein (handprints) of his own at mantra sections.

The manuscript, handwritten by the Emperor Gouda, has been designated as a national treasure, and it is being kept in Daikaku-ji Temple at present. It is also called Gouda hoo goyuigo (Will of Cloistered Emperor Gouda) or goyuigo (Will).


Origin of the Daikaku-ji construction. The codes to protect Daikaku-ji and wishes for prosperity of esoteric Buddhism.

21 articles (extracted summary)

Article 1: biography of the Emperor Gouda and his wish for esoteric Buddhism prosperity.

Article 2: Meaning of the prayer in esoteric Buddhism

Article 3: Rise and fall of a state and Buddhism.

Article 4: Construction of Kyoojujo-in Temple

Article 9: The principles of priests' education

Article 11: Education of Doji ogre

Article 12: behavior and matters that should be forbidden

Article 14: About gotsuifuku (memorial service)

Article 15: About the Misasagi (Imperial mausoleum)

Article 21: Repayment of a kindness to zenjo

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