Gyuro-Shukujo (牛郎織女)

"Gyuro-Shukujo" (The Cowherd and the Weaving Girl) is a myth and legend of the People's Republic of China and is believed to be one of the country's folk tales.


"Fuzokutsu" (Stories on Manners), written by Osho of Donhan, is believed to be the oldest book that contains the legend of Gyuro-Shukujo.
It's described in detail in "Getsuryo-Kogi・Shichigatsu-ryo,"written by Okyo HYO of Ming, as follows:
Vega, a weaving girl who was a daughter of the Lord of Hosts and lived on the east bank of the river, was allowed to marry Hikoboshi (cowherd, Altair) on the west bank but was forced to return to the east bank because her discontinuation of weaving after the marriage angered the Lord of Hosts, who then allowed her to meet him only once a year.


Shokujo (Vega, the weaving girl)
Kengyuro (Altair, the cowherd)
Tentei (Lord of Hosts)
Seiobo (Noh play).html">Seiobo (West Grandmother, goddess)

Shikyou (The Book of Songs)

"Chocho-tari Kengyu-hoshi" (O Faraway Altair)

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