Hachimanyama (Yamahoko Float) (八幡山 (山鉾))

Hachimanyama is one of "yamahoko" floats, or decorative floats, which are paraded through streets during the Gion Festival held in Kyoto City on the seventeenth of July. Of a total of thirty-two yamahoko floats, Hachimanyama is the hikiyama (a festival float) that comes in the twenty-seventh in the parade every year. This float is maintained by the Hachimanyama Preservation Society. The goshintai (object of worship housed in a Shinto shrine and believed to contain the spirit of a deity) of Hachimanyama is the Statue of Horse-riding Emperor Ojin, which is an equestrian statue said to be a work by Unkei, done in gold lacquering and enshrined in the shoshi (small shrine) which is placed on the float.

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