Haseo Zoshi (長谷雄草紙)

The Haseo Zoshi is one of the Japanese Emakimono (a traditional Japanese illustration/painting format developed for a narrative/storytelling purpose, produced in a narrow, horizontal scroll for representing various scenes and stories in a single scroll) remaining today. The work is said to be produced in the period of the Northern and Southern Courts in Japan.

There are five parts for both words and illustrations in this Emakimono.

A Sugoroku (a Japanese style board game played with dices) master, KI no Haseo, played a 'Sugoroku' game with an Oni (Japanese ogre) at the Suzaku-mon Gate and won the game; before the game, Haseo had bet his whole asset while the ogre had promised a woman of unsurpassed beauty for his stake. Haseo acquired a beautiful woman for his winning. Upon acquiring the woman from the Oni, he told Haseo not to make love with her for 100 days, but Haseo could not put up with his desire and broke the promise in 80 days. Suddenly, the body of the woman collapsed and turned into water to disappear. This beautiful woman was artificially created by collecting only the beautiful body parts of the dead. The spirit of this artificial woman was supposed to be fixed in 100 days to become a real person.

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