Hatsuka Shogatsu (Cerebration on 20th day of the new year) (二十日正月)

Hatsuka Shogatsu is the last day of the New Year. Once it was the day to purify oneself and the last day of New Year's celebration, so people had a day off. All the New Year's events end on the day.

In Keihanshin (Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe) region it is called Hone (bone) Shogatsu or Atama (head) Shogatsu because people eat the bones and heads of yellow tales prepared for the New Year, simmering with sake lees, vegetables soybeans etc. There are also customs to eat up meals and rice cakes prepared for the New Year in other regions such as Kojiki (beggars) Shogatsu in Ishikawa Prefecture, Tanasagashi (searching in shelves) in Gunma Prefecture, Fuse (offering) Shogatsu in Gifu prefecture.

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