Hatsuuri (the first sale of the year) (初売り)

"Hatsuuri" means that retailers start business for the first time in the new year.

Unlike their normal business, "Hukubukuro"(grab bags) are sold in many stores, by which customers can try their luck for the year.

Going to a New Year's "Hatsuuri" and doing the first shopping in the year is called "Kaizome" (first shopping).

Before (until 1980s), many retailers did "Hatsuuri" on or after January 4, when government administration offices start work (Shigoto hajime); however, now, the number of 24-hour convenience stores has increased and "Hatsuuri" of January 1 by supermarkets and specialty stores are not unusual, and so most retailers, which are closed on January 1, have come to do "Hatsuuri" on January 2.

The cases of fashion buildings and department stores that have a winter sale after their "Hatsuuri" have increased in recent years, which makes stores even busier preparing for the sale with "Shogatsu henjo" (giving up their New Year's holiday).

"Hatsuuri" as local events
In some areas, "Hatsuuri" takes place on a large scale as a local event, and the ones of Sendai City and Sasebo City are well-known.

For further details, please refer to "Sendai Hatsuuri" and "Sasebo Hatsuuri."

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