Higeyagura (髭櫓)

Higeyagura is a title of kyogen (farce played during a Noh play cycle). Its story is an unusual one in which a man with mustachios fought against the allied forces of women over his mustachios.

A man who boasted of his mustachios was delighted at being invited for Daijo-sai Festival (a festival to celebrate the succession of an emperor). However, his wife who disliked mustachios said 'shave your dirty mustachios,' upon which the man got angry and slapped her. His wife became frenzied and attacked a man with naginata (Japanese halberd) together with women of the neighborhood. Against the attack, a man countered by building yagura (turret) (fortress) on his mustachios. However, as he was vastly outnumbered, his mustachios was finally plucked out by big tweezers. Depending on schools, the story ends when a man sneezed 'kussame' (ahchoo).

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