Hikichigiri (引千切)

Hikichigiri is a type of Japanese sweet made from mochi (Japanese rice cake made of glutinous rice pounded into paste and molded into shape) and sweet bean paste. It is also called akoyamochi (lit 'oyster mochi') because of its shape.

To make hikichigiri, a white circle of white mochi is spread out with a depression, and a handle-shaped piece which looks torn off is added to one edge. Sweet bean paste is placed in the depression.
It is said that hikichigiri was originally made in order to save the labor of having to roll mochi when staff were short at the Imperial palace

Yomogimochi (mugwort mochi) and white mochi are sometimes used. Sweet bean paste can be either tsubuan (sweet bean paste containing pieces of azuki bean skin) or koshian (pureed bean paste).

It is said that Hikichigiri is an integral part of the Doll Festival in Kyoto.

It is also used for celebrations in many places.

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