Himeii Method (姫飯造り)

Himeii method is one of modern Japanese sake production methods and a kind of high-temperature saccharification method.

It refers to the computer-controlled Japanese sake production system developed and marketed by Satomi Industries, Ltd. It is a significant characteristic of this system that, like Yumai method (the brewing method wherein rice is reduced to a gruel-like consistency to enable saccharification to proceed apace) and Baisho method (the brewing method wherein rice is heated in hot air [about 200~400 degrees Celsius]), Japanese sake is considered as a modern industrial product rather than a traditional artifact.

In contrast to kowaii (steamed rice) which is rice steamed in a koshiki (a kind of earthenware), Himeii itself refers to soft rice boiled in a kiln; however, Himeii method which is named after Himeii has not traditionally existed. Also, the ancient Japanese high-temperature saccharification method in the history of Japanese sake described in "Engi-shiki"(detailed enforcement regulations of the Engi era) is not directly related to the modern Himeii method.

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