Honke Nishio Yatsuhashi (Originator Nishio Yatsuhashi) (本家西尾八ッ橋)

Honke Nishio Yatsuhashi is the oldest manufacture of Yatsuhashi (type of sweets made with bean paste) in Kyoto, established in 1689.

They sell Yatsuhashi of various tastes according to the season, and also develop new products such as rice tube cake made with rice flour used for Yatsuhashi.

"Salt Yatsuhashi" released in 2007 became a popular topic as the first long-established store of Yatsuhashi introducing salt sweets.

Although being a long-established store in business for over 300 years, it always makes new approaches for Yatsuhashi.

Yatsuhashi chaya (Japanese style cafe), offering various sweets made with Yatsuhashi, has created new Yatsuhashi flavors such as Yatsuhashi Tea and Yatsuhashi Parfait.


Establishment: Yatsuhashiya Bairin Saten (cafe) was established on the Mori no Kurotani-sando Approach to Shogoin Temple.

1824: Tamejiro YATSUHASHIYA dedicated an ema (votive tablet) with a picture of a white horse, as a token of gratitude for the fulfilment of a prayer, to Kumano-jinja Shrine.

1890: The father of the restoration of Yatsuhashi, the 12th family head Tameji, contributed to domestic and international exhibitions, and won several prizes.

1905: They started to sell at a stall at Shichijo Station, the predecessor of Kyoto Station, and earned a reputation.

1928: They had a chance to attend the Emperor's coronation and Emperor's inspection, and large amount was purchased by the Emperor. 1943: They were forced to form an industrial combination due to the outbreak of the Second World War. 1948: Honke-Yatsuhashi Nishio CO., LTD. was established after the war. They started business again.

1969: They were commended, as a long-established store in business for over 100 years, by Governor Ninagawa of Kyoto Prefecture.

1976: A new product was introduced, Nama Yatsuhashi (raw type of Yatsuhashi) 'Oman.'
1986: A new product was introduced, Kyo-no-Osen (Biscuits from Kyoto) 'Hitoshirezu.'

1987: Yatsuhashi with gold leaf 'Ohirome' was released to celebrate the tricentennial anniversary of their establishment.

1989: They celebrated their tricentennial anniversary.

2005: 'Rice Tube Cake,' cake with rice flour was introduced.

2006: The Gion Store/Yatsuhashi chaya opened. Pocket Yatsuhashi' was introduced. Yatsuhashi Parfait' also became a popular topic.

2007: The Hachijoguchi store/Yatsuhashi chaya opened. Pon de Man,' made with rice flour was sold and demonstrated.

2007: 'Salt Yatsuhashi' was introduced. It became a popular topic of the media, TV and newspapers, as the first long-established store of Yatsuhashi introducing salt sweets.

2007: 'Kaguwashiki Yatsuhashi (sweet-smelling Yatsuhashi),' made with premium materials was released in a limited quantity.

2007: The Kiyomizuzaka Store/Yatsuhashi chaya opened. Yatsuhashi Crunch,' and 'Yatsuhashi Crepe' made with soymilk cream were introduced.

2008: 'tame cafe,' using the mascot character Tame-chan, opened on Character Street at First Avenue near Tokyo Station.

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