Itamae (chef) (板前)

Itamae is a person who cooks meals at a Japanese restaurant or ryotei (traditional Japanese restaurant).

Ranking of positions
Hanaita (the main chef):
Highest position in charge of the kitchen. Often stands at the kitchen counter.

Tateita cook:
Also called 'Niban' (the second). Often stands at the kitchen counter.

Nikata cook:
Cooks simmered dishes. Some consider chefs with the position of nikata or higher to be real itamae.

Yakikata cook:
Cooks yakimono (grilled or broiled fish). Cooks dishes such as ayu (a sweetfish) broiled with salt and miso-dengaku (skewed and roasted tofu with sweet miso sauce).

Ageba cook:
Cooks agemono (deep-fried food, mainly tenpura, or, Japanese deep-fried dish). Ranked the same as yakikata cooks.

Oimawashi cook:
Does chores. Called 'bozu' (kid). Sets out dishes. Lowest position.

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