Jal Sound Stage Series (JAL音舞台シリーズ)

The JAL Sound Stage Series is a concert featuring the invited top guest artists in Japan and abroad and is held at a temple among the Historical Landmark Buildings in Kyoto or Nara about every September.

It is organized by the Kyoto Buddhist Organization and the Mainichi Broadcasting System. It is also made possible by the cooperation of Japan Airlines International Co., Ltd.

It is a cultural event taking place at temples, the birthplace of various Japanese culture and the symbol of Japan, which has remained a forerunner of the new culture, to present musical and innovative performances emphasizing the 'East meets West' concept and to dedicate artistic collaborations. To date, over 100 celebrated artists, who are respected worldwide, have delivered performances of artistic triumph.

Up to the 'Horyu-ji Temple Oto-Butai' (2002) which marked the 15th concert, this event was referred to as the 'JAL Stage Special Oto-Butai (Sound Stage)' but, starting from the 16th concert 'Manpuku-ji Temple Oto-Butai' (2003), it was renamed to the present JAL Sound Stage Series.

Each year, a summarized version of the event used to be simultaneously televised by the main station Mainichi Broadcasting System (MBS) and the network of additional 5 stations (the key JNN stations) including Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS), Hokkaido Broadcasting (HBC), Chubu-Nippon Broadcasting (CBC) and RKB Mainichi Broadcasting Corporation (RKB) but starting with 'Rokuon-ji Temple Oto-Butai' in 2007, it has been broadcasted by the nationwide network of 28 Japan News Network affiliated stations.

The 10th concert 'Kinkaku-ji Temple Oto-Butai' (1997) held as the 'Commemorative Concert for the 1200th Anniversary of Construction of Kitayama Palace' was highly acclaimed for its artistic achievement and was elected by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences to win an Emmy Award for the Best Achievement in Performing Arts in 1998. It was showcased worldwide.

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