Jinku (甚句)

Jinku is a form of traditional Japanese songs.

The details are unknown; however, it probably appeared in the Edo period. The characteristic of the Jinku song is that the syllabic structure of 7-7-7-5 forms one chorus. Various lyrics were composed. Some of them are set in the 5-7-7-7-5 structure. Many folk songs around the country adopt this structure. They have both the melismatic style and the syllabic style. Meaningless words or expressions are often inserted or added before and after the Jinku song. Some foreign songs such as Yankee Doodle (Anglo-American song) use the Jinku-style lyrics.

Famous songs
Hanagasa Ondo
Kisarazu Jinku
Hakone Hachiri
Ecchu Owara Bushi
Seicho Hakata Bushi
Kagoshima Ohara Bushi

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