Jurojin (Shoulaojen) (寿老人)

Jurojin is a Tao deity (the god). Jurojin is a figure in Chinese legend. He is also the personification of the southern pole star Canopus.

The mantra (Sanskrit) is om vajarayuse svaha (same as life prolonging mantra of Fugen Bosatsu (Samanta Bhadra)).

He was a long lived deity with white hair and a long red face who liked sake. In Japan he is known as one of the seven deities of good fortune however there was a time when he was not counted as one of the seven deities as he was thought to be the same as the deity Fukurokuju (Shojo orangutan-like God was included). Jurojin carries a calabash filled with the elixir of immortality, and is accompanied by a deer which is the symbol of harmony between long life and nature. In his hands he holds a longevity peach which is also a symbol of long life.

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