Kagurabue flute (神楽笛)

Kagurabue flute is a wind instrument used in the performance of gagaku (ancient Japanese court music). It is counted among Fukimono (wind instruments of the court music of Japan). This instrument is used in kuniburi no utamai (Japanese traditional dance executed in the ceremonies of the court) and some kagura performances (sacred music and dancing performed at shrines) made in modern times.

Kagurabue flute is a transverse flute made of a bamboo tube with six holes on the front. Its appearance is similar to flute, a Western musical instrument. The pitch of Kagurabue flute is a whole step lower than that of Ryuteki flute. Kagurabue flute has a range (the distance from the lowest to the highest pitch it can play) of D5 to C7.

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