Kamiarai (Hair washing) (髪洗い)

Kamiarai is a part of Shakkyo (Stone Bridge, Noh Play) in Kabuki (traditional drama performed by male actors) and is a shosa (conduct) in which a shishi lion bends forward and sways its head side to side with its long hair hung down in the front. The conduct was named as such because the shishi lion looks as though it was washing its hair when it bends forward and the hair swings with the tip of it touching the ground. The form or style of acting in which the shishi lion has its hair turning around in the front is called Tomoe.

In addition, in one of the divine services at the Amenomiya-Imasu-jinja Shrine in Amenomiya, Koshoku City, Nagano Prefecture, there is a ceremony in which a shishi lion, suspended upside down from a bridge with its head almost touching the river surface, sways its head side to side (refer to "Hashigakari" and "Amenomiya no watashi"). Based on this, it can be considered that there is some influence of folklore on the shishi lions for device services.

It is also referred to in classical Japanese dance.

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