Karakuri-Doji ULTIMO (a title of a Japanese manga [comic] series written by Stan LEE and illustrated (機巧童子ULTIMO)

"Karakuri-Doji ULTIMO" is the title of a Japanese manga (comic) series written by Stan LEE and illustrated by Hiroyuki TAKEI. Its prologue story titled "Karakuri-Doji ULTIMO Zero" was published as a one-shot story in "Jump Square Second" Volume 1 (a magazine published by Shueisha, Inc.). The comic series has started since the March 2009 issue of Jump Square released on February 4.


It is a Japan-US joint project work created by Stan LEE, the grand master of the American comic-book world in collaboration with a Japanese comic writer, Hiroyuki TAKEI.
The origin of its concept is 'robot battle between the ultimate good and the ultimate evil.'

Story Line

One day, in Farmless City of WEST TOKYO enjoying transitory peace, a huge monster wearing a noh mask appears. The monster puts the Self-Defense Force to rout and ravages the city, but a vermillion-colored boy suddenly arrives on the scene and disposes of the monster. The boy calling himself Ultimo fights a tough battle against a green boy, Vice, who has come out of the monster. The boys are the very embodiments of the perfect 'good' and 'evil,' Karakuri-Doji robots, which were created 1000 years ago. The duel between the two Karakuri-Doji robots, who exchange with each other their 'Noh' (abilities) which are far beyond human technologies, ends with the two hitting each other far up in the stratosphere. But that is only the beginning of the final battle between good and evil.



Ultimo is the Karakuri-Doji robot representing the perfect 'good.'
Ultimo has transparent skin, vermillion hair and green eyes, wearing vermillion, casts divinity spellbinding anybody around him. He has 'Noh' ability of purification, and confronts Vice to protect people.


Karakuri-Doji representing the perfect 'evil.'
Vice is a green-themed feature in contrast with vermillion Ultimo. He has 'Noh' ability of destruction, and runs the gamut of destruction in the town with an aim to rope in Ultimo.


Jealous is a Karakuri-Doji robot, a dependent of 'evil,' representing 'jealousy.'
Jealous, who was created after Ultimo and Vice by Danstan, wears blue manifers and pink eye armors.

Human Characters


Dahlman is the chief of Farmless City Police Station. He is said to be the bravest man in the city. He is tossed around by the Karakuri-doji robots that have suddenly appeared in the city and grows strongly interested in their existence. He is stout and his sideburns are his trademark.


He is an ex-officer of the riot police called 'S.K.A.T.'
His real name is unknown. Although he is fragile both physically and mentally, he has a strong affection for weapons and specialized vehicles which can make up for his weakness. He is attracted by powers of Karakuri-Doji robots and obtains Vice's right hand which has been cut off by Ultimo. Currently, he is Vice's master.


Danstan is the creator of Karakuri-doji robots. 1000 years ago in Kyoto, he killed himself by committing seppuku (disembowelment) after he completed two Karakuri-Doji robots.

Danstan is modeled on the author Stan LEE himself.

Yamato AGARI

He is Ultimo's master, and a delinquent, high school student. He has a divorced mother who works in the sex trade and although emotionally disturbed with the dysfunctional home environment, he is a hot-blooded boy who always stands up for the weak. Unknowingly, he gets involved in an intricate web of destinies. He is in one-sided love with his classmate, Makoto SAYAMA. One day on his way to school, he happens to meet Ultimo for the first time, who tells him that he is a human who has been reincarnated.


She is Yamato's classmate who Yamato loves. She sees Yamato trying to cure severely-injured Ultimo by exchanging 'contract of love' with him.

Noh' ability

They are powers Dr. Danstan gave to Karakuri-Doji robots. They can change the shape of their manifers at will to skillfully apply them for offense and defense. Although the techniques were invented 1000 years ago, they are far superior in performance to modern weapons.


Kobushi-jishi (Lion fist): One of his purification 'Noh' abilities, to transform his manifers into lion faces. By hitting with kobushi-jishi, Ultimo purifies the subject.

Kenkaku (Crane sword): One of his purification 'Noh' abilities, to transform his manifers into a shape like crane face. The beak part functions as a sharp blade.

Kami-hanabi (God's firework): One of his purification 'Noh' abilities, to launch a rocket from under hakama (pleated and divided skirt made in fine stripes) and fly at high speed using the jet force of the rocket. The flying speed exceeds the speed of sound and generates sonic boom.


Kito-jin (Turtle-head sword): One of his destruction 'Noh' abilities, to transform his manifers into a sharp shape like a turtle head.

Oni-tsuzumi (Ogre's drum): One of his destruction 'Noh' abilities, to transform his manifers into a drum-like shape. The ultrasonic wave has destructive power that can blow out one whole town.

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