Kensenbu (sword and fan dancing) (剣扇舞)

Kensenbu refers to dancing holding a sword or a fan, or both of them. Especially it refers to dancing to shigin (a form of Japanese poetry, which is usually chanted). It is also called Kenshibu (literally, "sword and poetry dance") or Shimai (literally, "poetry dance").

Kenshibu mainly refers to Kenbu (literally, "sword dance"). However, in many cases, Kensenbu and Kenshibu are used with the same meaning.

Programs are categorized into ones that are mainly accompanied by Kenbu, ones that are mainly accompanied by Senbu, and ones that can be accompanied by either of them, based on the content of the poem.


Kinshujo (a former battlefield)
Nireisan (a former battlefield)
Nihonto-o-eizu (chant Japanese swords)
Byakko-tai (a military unit in Aizu Domain)
Zangetsu (the moon at dawn)
A poem by Sanai HASHIMOTO (the title is lost)
Shiroyama (a former battlefield)
Dainanko (poem on a great samurai)


Fujisan (Mt. Fuji)
Konan-no-haru (spring in Konan)
Fukyo-yahaku (staying overnight at the Fukyo bridge)
Meiso-Nihongo (a great spear, Nihongo)


Kawanakajima (poem on a famous battle)
Kodokan-ni-baika-o-shosu (enjoy the plum blossoms at Kodokan school)

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