Kiichi Hogen (鬼一法眼)

Kiichi Hogen was a legendary person who appeared in "Gikeiki" (a military epic about the life of MINAMOTO no Yoshitsune) written in the early Muromachi period.

He was an onmyoji (master of Yin yang) who resided at Ichijo-dori Horikawa-dori in Heian-kyo (Kyoto), and was an authority on the magical art of warfare called Rikuto-heiho. It is believed that he excelled both in academics and military art. He is well-known for the legend that Yoshitsune stole his family heirloom military book "Rikuto" in collusion with his daughter.

He is revered as the founder of Kyohachi-ryu school of swordplay and as the deity of swordplay.

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