Kikugoro ONOE, The Seventh (尾上菊五郎 (7代目))

Kikugoro ONOE, the Seventh (October 2, 1942 -) is a Japanese actor and a kabuki actor, and the present head of the profesional name of kabuki, 'Kikugoro ONOE.'
His real name is Hideyuki TERASHIMA. His stage family name is Otowaya.

Biography and Personal Profile
He is a star in modern kabuki and also one of "Sannosuke" (three younger Kabuki actors). He used to play mostly female roles, but as he got older, he became more masculine, and now he mainly plays "tachiyaku" (a leading male-role actor). He was good at playing "Sewamono" (a play dealing with the lives of ordinary people) and especially when it comes to playing an "Edokko" (typical person from Edo) who is a small-scale bad guy, he has no equal. Apart from acting, he also commits himself to activities such as laeding 'Kikugoro ONOE theatrical company' to pass down Sewamono of "Edo Kabuki" (kabuki of old Tokyo). H also gained much popularity when he stared in "Minamoto no Yoshitsune" (NHK Historical drama) as the youngest actor ever at that time in 1966, thanks to his fine-featured face. He married Sumiko FUJI who played Shizuka Gozen in this drama. Junichiro KOIZUMI is his fan.

His daughter is an actress, Shinobu TERASHIMA, and his son is a kabuki actor, Kikunosuke ONOE (the Fifth).

Chronological list of the main events

October 2, 1942: He was born in Tokyo. He is the eldest son of Baiko ONOE (the Seventh). His real name is Hideyuki TERASHIMA.

April, 1948: He performed as Kamuro (apprentice of a high-class prostitute) in "Sukeroku Kuruwa no Momoyogusa" at Shinbashi Enbujo theatre, referred to himself as Ushinosuke ONOE, the fifth. He also entered Morimura Gakuen Elementary School.

May, 1965: He succeeded to the name, Kikunosuke ONOE, the Fourth, by performing such as Juro in "Kotobuki Soga no Taimen" (confront with the enemy) in Kabuki-za theater. He created Sannosuke boom together with Danjuro ICHIKAWA (the 12th) and Tatsunosuke ONOE (the First).

1966: He played the leading role in a historical drama, "Minamoto no Yoshitsune."

1972: He married Sumiko FUJI (the oldest daughter of a producer at Toei Company, Ltd., Hiroshi SHUNDO) who co-stared in "Minamoto no Yoshitsune." In the same year, his daughter, Shinobu was born.

October to November 1973: He succeeded to the name, Kikugoro ONOE, the Seventh, by performing such as Kikunosuke, the Benten Kozo (a thief) in "Bentenmusume Meono Shiranami," and Hanako, a Shirabyoshi (a women who plays Japanese traditional dance) in "Kyo Kanokomusume Dojoji" (The maiden at Dojo-ji Temple) in Kabuki-za theater.

1977: His son, Kazuyasu was born.

2000: He became a member of The Japan Art Academy.

2003: He was designated a holder of Important Intangible Cultural Property (Living National Treasure) (His father is also a Living National Treasure).

Record of winning awards

1985: Minister of Education Award for Fine Arts

1986: Award of the Japan Art Academy

1990: The 11th Matsuo Prize of Entertainment

2001: The Ninth Best Actor Award Excellence Yomiuri Theater

2003: Important Intangible Cultural Property

2009: Mainichi Art Award

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