Kikyoku (cabinet for Senchado) (器局)

Kikyoku is a tea utensil used in Senchado (Japanese tea ceremony using Sencha [brewed green tea]).

The word 'kyoku' means a 'room.'
That is, it means 'a room for Senchado's utensils.'

Most Kikyoku are made of wood. There are various kinds among the karamono (those imported from China), such as those made of rosewood or ebony as well as lacquer ware, and those inlaid with mother-of-pearl. The domestic Kikyoku are mostly made of mulberry, paulownia and zelkova.

The exterior shape is rectangular. It is designed with two shelves, and a lid goes on the front. Some Kikyoku have a handle at the top to carry, which resemble an okamochi (a carrying box). However, the larger Kikyoku is too heavy to carry. Its main use is solely as a piece of furniture, such as a set of shelves, for displaying tea utensils. Most karamono Kikyoku are of fine and rare items but too large in size, so it is considered they are impractical for serving tea.

Its use is similar to that of Teiran (basket for tea set). However, while a Teiran is a utensil for outdoor use only, Kikyoku is considered to be a utensil for indoor use only.

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