Kinoko (literally a child of tree) (Yokai [supernatural beings]) (木の子 (妖怪))

Kinoko is a Yokai whose presence has been told in the Kinki area.


Kinoko, a kind of Yamawarawa (also known as Yamawaro) (It is thought that Kappa [a water spirit haunting many rivers]) transformed into Kinoko) which is a Yokai haunting in a mountain, appears in the mountainous areas or the mountains in Yoshino area in Nara Prefecture and Hyogo Prefecture.

Kinoko looks like a two/three-year old or three/four-year old child, wearing clothes made of leaves or blue clothes. Because the figure is like a shadow, when people see it, it is not clearly discernible whether it is there or not.

Kinokos usually play in groups. For those who work as a logger or work in a mountains, Kinoko is not an unusual being because sometimes they often see it. However, when they were off their guard, Kinoko plays a trick by stealing their lunches, etc.; in such cases, they are driven away with a stick.

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