Kinteki (the regular close-ranged shooting) (近的)

Kinteki (the regular close-ranged shooting) is one of the kyudo (Japanese art of archery) events established by the Rules of All Nippon Kyudo Federation. The shooting range is 28m. The diameter of the target is 36cm. There are two methods of game, tekichu-sei (the accuracy system) and saiten-sei (the scoring system). Kasumimato (the normal target for Japanese archery with three concentric circles) or Hoshimato (a target with only one black spot) is used for tekichu-sei games, and Kasumimato is used for saiten-sei games.

In today's National Sports Festival, there are two types of kyudo games, tekichu-sei kinteki and tokuten-sei enteki (the shooting for long distance on 60m).

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