Kiriboshi Daikon (切り干し大根)

Kiriboshi daikon (or simply called kiriboshi) is a dried product of daikon (Japanese radish).

Thinly sliced daikon that is harvested from the end of autumn to winter is spread out to dry in the sun. There are some varieties depending on the thickness of its pieces.
The one cut lengthwise in quarters is called 'wariboshi daikon.'
Since it is a dried product, it is possible to preserve it at room temperature, but it turns brown during summer, so it is desirable to preserve it in the refrigerator after spring.

After being rinsed lightly and reconstituted, kiriboshi daikon is eaten as it is with soy sauce and vinegar, or it is used for cooking.
It is also used for tsukemono (Japanese pickles) called 'hari hari zuke.'
Because of its crunchy texture, it is used for vegetarian dishes instead of jelly fish used in Chinese cuisine.

It contains a lot of good-quality dietary fiber and calcium, so it is of great value as a health food.

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