Kitano Odori (Kitano Dance) (北野をどり)

The Kitano Dance is performed at the Kamishichiken Kaburenjo theater every year from April 15 to April 25.

It was first performed in 1952 in commemoration of the Daimanto-sai Festival which is held once every 50 years at the Kitano Tenmangu Shrine. Since then the atmosphere of the Kamishichiken Geisha district has been brought to life and presented on stage in a modest way. In the famous finale, the song "Kamishichiken Serenade" is played and Geisha and Maiko dance to the accompaniment.


1952: first performance of the Kitano Odori (Kitano Dance) in commemoration of Daimanto-sai Festival

1962: no performance

1974: performance cancelled

1977: commemoration of Hanmanto-sai festival

2002: 50th anniversary of the Kitano Odori (Kitano Dance)

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