Kogetsu (鼓月)

Kogetsu is a Kyo-gashi (Kyoto style confectionary) manufacturing and sales company whose headquarters is located in Fushimi Ward, Kyoto City.


They deploy their directly-managed stores named Kyogashi-dokoro Kogetsu and also have a number of stores with the same name at department stores throughout the country. After World War II, this company was established in Kyoto in October 1945.

Their confectionary

Senju-Senbei' (Celebratory Sandwich Waffle) is especially well known among their products. This is a wavy-shaped vanilla cream sandwich on waffle crackers.

Tea shops

They currently have the following three tea shops where they provide their Japanese-style sweets.

Sabo (tea shop) Kashin, the Gion store
Sabo Kogetsu, the Arashiyama store
Sabo Kogetsu, the Karasuma store

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