Mishosai Koho (未生斎広甫)

Koho MISHOSAI (1791- August, 1861) was a Japanese expert of flower arrangement. He was the second head of Misho school of flower arrangement. His real name was Koho UEDA.

He was born in Doi village of Tajima Province (current Kasumi-cho [former Kinosaki-gun], Hyogo Prefecture) in 1791. His birth place was the house of Ueda family, shoya (village headman's family) of Kinosaki. He was then an apprentice to the family. His childhood name was Yasutaro UEDA. His father was Kyusuke UEDA, a son of Kyuzaemon UEDA who also boasted his prosperity as shoya.

In 1805, Ueda family received a visit of Ippo MISHOSAI who would later establish Misho school of flower arrangement in collaboration with Koho MISHOSAI. There, Ippo acknowledged an accomplishment of Koho and determined to take him to Osaka, Settsu Province. After arriving at Osaka, Koho and Ippo MISHOSAI founded Misho school of flower arrangement. Koho came to call himself Koho FUSHOKUSAI.

After becoming the second head of Misho school, Koho was assigned to a responsible post for flower arrangement services at Daikaku-ji Temple (current Daikaku-ji Temple) in 1829. Also he was awarded with hokkyo and hogen (the third and the second highest ranks in the hierarchy of Buddhist priests, respectively). Being ardently asked by Emperor Uda, he devoted himself to disseminate 'Saga Goryu' school of flower arrangement, so that 'Saga Goryu' became well-known all over the country.

He died in Osaka in August, 1861.

Literary work
"Yomo no Kaori"
"Kajutsu Sansai Banashi": Published in 1835

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