Kokindenju no Tachi (古今伝授の太刀)

Kokindenju no Tachi refers to Japanese sword made by Hirasaku YUKI, sword craftsman in Bungo Province. It is designated as a National Treasure. During Azuchi-Momoyama period, in the time of Kokin denju (the secret transmissions of the "Kokinshu," Anthology of Old and New Japanese Poems) from Yusai HOSOKAWA to Mitsuhiro KARASUMARU, Fujitaka gave it to Mitsuhiro, which is why this name was given.

The name is behind of it as 'Bungo Province Hirasaku YUKI.'
The waist part has a scripture and on the front Bonji (Siddham script) and Kurikara design were carved and on the back Bonji and Buddha statue were.

Before Battle of Sekigahara in 1600, Battle of Tanabe-jo Castle happened, where Western Camp besieged Tanabe-jo Castle (Tango Province) in which Fujitaka HOSOKAWA, who was on the side of Eastern Camp, held up. Fujitaka HOSOKAWA, who was a successor of Kokindenju, died and Emperor Goyosei was afraid that Kokindenju would discontinue and he sent three persons, Saneeda SANJONISHI, Michikatsu NAKANOIN and Mitsuhiro KARASUMARU, as Imperial envoy and ordered them to have the peace treaty. Fujitaka gave Kokindenju to Mitsuhiro KARASUMARU and then he allegedly gave Mitsuhiro this sword.

During the early Showa period, Moritatsu HOSOKAWA purchased it and again it was in the ownership of HOSOKAWA family. Now it is stored in the Eisei-Bunko Museum in which cultural properties inherited in HOSOKAWA family were stored.

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